Iceland 2018


The MCM team and their families had an amazing opportunity to play soccer while visiting Iceland in Oct 2018.


Our group enjoyed the unique experiences that Iceland had to offer. We were able to enjoy food tasting, beer samplings, hot springs, and viewing their gorgeous landscapes. Around Iceland, the MCM Team witnessed multiple breathtaking geysers, waterfalls, glaciers, and an endless stretch of black sandy beaches.
With so much that Iceland had to offer, it was hard to pinpoint the best places to go and I would like to thank everyone for being able to share their experiences through the pictures below.


But what is an MCM Tour without soccer? We had 2 great games against Throttur FC; a sports club from Reykjavik.

Despite the windy and rainy conditions, both were great matches.


Thank you to the team for their amazing hospitality and recommendations of what to do in Iceland. Throttur FC are always welcome to come and play in Canada.


Special thanks to Alex and Mike P for sharing their travel photos.