Oakville MCM Soccer Club would like to thank the following members for their contribution and efforts to the club over the past 42 years.
Below in alphabetical order are the list of names that the club wishes to recognize.


Please note, if you wish to have your name removed, please contact the

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Barnett, Bobby
Bilan, Richard
Blennerhasset, Tommy
Bournas, Frederic
Camara, Bert
Capanelli, Angelo
Carsley, Glen
Carty, Neil
Carvalho, Carlos
Cleugh, Robbie
Culver, Andy


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Dinnie, Keith
Donovan, Paul
Doran, Tony
Dornan, John
Dunn, Martin
Evans, John
French, Bobby
Giancola, Gino


H-M    Back to Top

Harland, Richard
Harris, Mike
Hermanns, Frank
Higgins, Martin
Hinton, John
Hughes, Jim
Johnson, Dave
Kotsopoulos, Peter
Kutlesa, Joe
MaCleod, Gavin
Malone, Mel
Martin, Jerry
McIIroy, Adam
McKeddie, Gordon
Muntwyler, Trevor


N-S    Back to Top

Owen-Turner, Brad
Page, Mark
Pascoe, Mike
Patterson, Scott
Radcliffe, Brian
Ranells, Tony
Reypa, Peter
Robinson, Alan
Rogers, Tony
Smith, Danny
Smith, Dave
Smith, Greg
Stringer, Neil
Szabo, John


T-Z  Back to Top

Toner, Neil
Uremovic, Peter
Van Stone, Dave
Vidovich, John
Ward, Myke
Worton, Chris
Wynne, Steve


In Memoriam  Back to Top

Hinnen, Joe
Jenkin, John
Smith, Steve
Vidovich, Paul