Oakville MCM in Madeira


The soccer team from abroad, Oakville MCM, landed in Madeira for their holidays from Oct 15, 2010 until the 22nd of October.

The veteran team from Canada will experience 4 games; their first game will be played at Santana Municipal Soccer Field.

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Leap into a Successful Adventure

Manfred Muntwyler returns to Switzerland after 55 years

A very special football match was held in Interlaken, between the seniors of FC Interlaken and Oakville MCM 1 from Canada.

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The Return of the Sport

Canada calls on the MCM Oakville Seniors vs FC Interlaken

football_articleManfred C. Muntwyler makes his return in Interlaken, where he attended school and was even then an avid footballer. He was a successful industrialist and founded 1975, Alfield Soccer Club. From the beginning the club played in the Halton Peel Senior soccer league.

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