Season Review 2016

MCM Match Reports

Game Result : May 29th
Oakville MCM I 4 – Clash F.C. 0
Oakville MCM II 1 – G.T.F.C. 2






Oakville MCM I vs Clash F.C.
Game Result: MCM I 4 Clash F.C. 0

It was a balmy Sunday Morning as MCM 1 took to the pitch at Shell Park for their home opener.
With 22 members in attendance 3 notables were given the day off and were able to observe from the MCM club lounge.
Drew " I could play but won’t play for the good of the team" Patient , Pedro " still recovering from my champions league hangover" Gonzalez and Mark " my wife's away let's have a party, and Delaney can you please bring the ice " Worton along with MCM keeper Chris " the beer man " Belanger all made the ultimate sacrifice to help the cause.
MCM was facing their arch nemesis the Clash who had won 3 out of 4 contests between the two sides last season.
From the first whistle MCM had something to prove as they unleashed their new signings on the opposition.
It wasn't long before Steven " sugar foot" McDougal penetrated though the Clash defense to finish in the Clash net.
The single effort earned the new midfielder a sweet sour patch kid from his left sock.
The next 10 minutes was fairly even until the water break was called by the head official. After the water break Peter " let me choose the wives please " Ranells sent in some fresh legs, much to the dismay of the Clash who had only the bare 11.
At about the 30 minute mark Chico " hey I'm not Mexican" Queiros#*^7os broke down the right wing and whipped in a perfect cross to striker Steve " this gummy in the sock thing is a good idea" Delaney who's first touch let him calmly break in and make it 2-0 MCM.
The half time was needed and it was H20 for everyone. The goal for the 2nd was to keep the score sheet clean!
The MCM back 4 were in fine form this Sunday morning lead by Tom " why is he so angry?" McLean and Max " why does he never stay for a beer?" Preocanin.
MCM again had most of the play and notched another when McDougal laid out a couple of step overs and then lashed the ball into the top corner giving the MCM bench a 20 second orgasm as they cheered on. The final tally on the score sheet was notched by Mike " I feel good when I'm not playing hungover " Tait who made it 4-0 MCM.
MCM kept the shutout and gained the 3 points as they marched into the 2016 campaign with class and style. The somewhat distracted MCM bench boss was caught after the game saying " we have a bunch of new players and have added a lot of talent……
The refreshment circle commenced in style as MCM2 started their season on the same pitch afterward.






Game Result : June 3-5th
Oakville MCM I 5 – G.T.F.C. 1
Oakville MCM II 1 – Affiliates 4
Oakville MCM III 2 – Polonia 2

Game Result : June 8-12th
Oakville MCM I 6 – Bay City F.C. 0
Oakville MCM II 1 – Lakers 4
Oakville MCM II 3 – Clash F.C. 9(Cup Game)

Game Result : June 15-19th
Oakville MCM I 8 – Royal Victoria F.C. 2
Oakville MCM I 2 – G.T.F.C. 0(Cup Game)
Oakville MCM II 6 – Bay City F.C. 3
Oakville MCM III 3 – Armatura 3
Oakville MCM II vs Bay City F.C.
Game Result: MCM II 6 Bay City F.C. 3

MCM II were looking for their first points of the season in this bottom of the table clash with neither team having any points after their first 3 games.
Things started badly for the Oakville side after a mistake from Greg Marshall in the MCM net allowed bay city to take the lead at the 20 minute mark. MCM tied things up within 5 minutes of the restart and then went 2-1 up just before half time. The second heat took its tole on both sides and mistakes at either end saw more goals, first MCM took advantage of poor marking with a second goal ( and 3rd for MCM ) from Chris Francis then bay city pulled on back with a great strike from their forward on 75 minutes only to have the 2 goal cushion restored when Francis completed his hatrick.
The final ten minutes saw another 3 sloppy goals go in 2 for Oakville and 1 for Bay city right at the end.
Final score MCMII 6 v Bay City 3

Game Result : June 24-26th
Oakville MCM II 1 – Royal Victoria F.C. 1
Oakville MCM III 4 – Chepo F.C. 5
Oakville MCM II vs Royal Victoria F.C.
Game Result: MCM II 1 Royal Victoria F.C. 1

MCMII took on mid table Royal Victoria at Sherwood park this Sunday in the early 9.00am game hoping to add to the 3 points they picked up last weekend.
Within the first five minutes of the game a late tackle from a Royal Victoria defender gave MCM a free kick from about 15 yards outside the area, quick thinking Jamie Caieo took the kick early which floated over the stranded keeper. Great start for Oakville.
As the half went on chances came from both sides but it was not until the 44 minute when a soft free kick was given away which allowed Royal Victoria to tie the game up 1-1.
The second has an even affair where the heat of the day played a bigger factor then the skills of the players.
End result MCM II 1. V Royal Victoria 1.

Game Result : July 6-10th
Oakville MCM I 6 – Lakers 1
Oakville MCM I 4 – Bohemians 2(Cup Game)
Oakville MCM II 1 – Clash F.C. 1
Oakville MCM III 5 – Polandia S.C. 4
Oakville MCM II vs Clash F.C.
Game Result: MCM II 1 Clash F.C. 1

MCM II took on last year’s league winners this Sunday, the teams last played in the Cup a few weeks ago where the Oakville side were overrun on the bad end of a 9-3 hammering.
The game started with Clash enjoying a majority of the possession, after 15 minutes the clash took advantage of the possession and went one up after some great work from their forward took him past the MCM back line to shot past Greg Marshall.
The balance of the first half saw alot of the ball in the middle of the park and apart from the odd shot really neither keeper was troubled.
Half time MCM II 0 v Clash 1
The second half saw a few changes in the MCM line up and this paid dividends as MCM started to create more chances with shots from Francis, smith and Pesic well saved by the clash keeper.
As the game continued both sides had more half chances but as time was running out the Clash looked content to hold onto the lead and see the game out. With just a minute left on the clock a long ball up field from steward to the MCM midfield was neatly knocked through to Francis who chipped the Clash keeper to tie the game up.
Final score MCM II 1 v Clash 1
Great team performance from the Oakville side and a fair result at the end.

Game Result : July 15-17th
Oakville MCM I 4 – Bay City F.C. 1
Oakville MCM II 0 – Affiliates 2
Oakville MCM III 1 – Chepo F.C. 2
Oakville MCM II vs Affiliates
Game Result: MCM II 0 Affiliates 2

MCMII took on 3rd place Affiliates this weekend at pines in Burlington
The first twenty minutes saw an even game with both teams not really creating too much. In the 21st minute a long ball up field from the affiliates defence saw a quick turn and shot from their forward 1-0 Affiliates.
The rest of the half saw more action with both teams creating plenty of chances but no more goals half time 1-0
As the second half got underway each team showed they were up for a game creating plenty of chances but again no end result. The longer the second half went on the more in control the Affiliates looked.. Every time MCM tried to create the home sides defence tided things up and broke the play up. Five minutes from the end of the game with legs starting to tire a cross from the left was knocked down to leave a simple tap in for the Affiliates forward.
End result Affiliates 2 - MCM II 0